Best of Pilsen 2018: Healthy Hood

In the airy, sun-filled recreation hall of Lincoln Church, bright graffiti writing declares the space to be the home of Healthy Hood, a fitness and dance studio that offers classes starting at just $5. Murals by local artists depict Malcolm X, Elaine Brown, Elvira Arellano, Oscar López Rivera, Rudy Lozano, and the church’s pastor Emma Lozano. Emma’s daughter Tanya Lozano founded the gym in 2014. Its mission: to address the twenty-year life expectancy gap between underserved communities and higher-income communities.

Monkey Hybrids Challenge Assumptions of What a Species Is

Back in 2004, Kate Detwiler had her binoculars trained on a guenon monkey perched in a tree deep in Tanzania’s Gombe National Park. She was waiting for the monkey to defecate so she could alert her husband and field assistant, James Gray, who was clambering on his hands and knees through the dense undergrowth towards the tree to grab the sample. Minutes later, Gray quickly reemerged from the thicket, empty-handed and white as a sheet.

Infected Ants Chemically Attract Workers to Destroy Them

In a petri dish, three Lasius neglectus worker ants surround a cocooned pupa from their own colony’s brood. Tearing into it with their mandibles, the ants remove the pupa from the cocoon, perforate its cuticle, and rip its body apart, dividing it between them. Finally, the workers apply formic acid from their mouths to the eviscerated pupa, leaving behind a heap of crumpled remains. This is no random act of violence.
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